Whether you’re looking to build a storage shed, a garden shed or a permit-free “attefallshus”, you can always benefit from the FLEX module system, which allows you to plan its appearance down to the smallest detail. The clever thing about this is that you can move, add and switch doors, windows and walls so that they are exactly how you want them to be. This is the tool to help kick-start your build.

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Everything for your outdoor space

We have over 50 years’ experience and knowledge of refining and developing wood products. Gardens are our specialisation, where we and our products create room for more.

Since 2015, JABO has been part of Nordic Room Improvement (NRI), a group that develops, markets and sells renovation products for interiors and exteriors to consumers and professionals throughout the Nordic countries.



We develop our products to suit the Nordic climate. The key to this is smart constructions with a solid design.

We make use of materials that don’t place an unnecessary burden on the environment. Our FLEX module-built storage sheds, garden sheds and attefallshus are PEFC-certified, a guarantee of sustainable forestry.

What would you like to build today?


Start from scratch
Size ranges: 15 – 25 m2

If you would like to select and place the modules exactly as you please, this is the best option. Nothing is pre-selected; instead, you have a plan which you can fill using the module options.

Select an
empty plan
Size ranges: 18.4 – 25 m2

Supplementary permit-free buildings of up to 25 m2, known as attefallshus, are bigger cabins which offer freedom of choice. Maximise your space for a lovely guest house or a cabin with separate storage space.

Garden sheds
Size ranges: 15 m2

Our wide selection of pretty or spacious garden sheds in classic to modern styles offers a huge amount of choice when it comes to forming the appearance and details of your new building.

garden shed
Storage sheds
Size ranges: 15 m²

A storage shed is a practical storage space. You can choose between a smaller, easy-to-place storage shed which gives you that bit more space, or a roomier storage shed with the potential for different types of storage.

storage shed

Add, remove and adjust as you want

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You are nearly finished in JABO Studio. Use the functions below to take the next step in your build. You can find information, building regulations, paint tips and more on our website. [link]

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